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Guild Wars 2: Host your own PVP server

ArenaNet condones it.

MMO sizzler Guild Wars 2 will apparently let gamers create and host their own PVP servers with their own sets of rules.

Lead game designer Eric Flannum and game designer Colin Johanson spilled the beans to website MMORPG at PAX 2011.

Player-hosted multiplayer servers are common within the PC shooter genre, but few MMOs have opened their carefully controlled worlds to fans.

How progress on player servers will transfer back to the official ArenaNet and NCsoft servers remains to be seen - if it transfers back at all. Perhaps player-hosted servers will serve only as training grounds for guilds to experiment on.

Guild Wars 2 has no release date, no beta date. It will, however, be playable on the Eurogamer Expo 2011 show floor this September at London's massive Earl's Court arena.

Tickets for Thursday, 22nd September; Friday, 23rd September; and Sunday, 25th September are still available. Saturday, 24th September is now sold out.

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Guild Wars 2

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