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Grow Home cave locations: How to get the Underground, Overground achievement

All five caves and where to find them.

Caves in Grow Home are where you'll find some of the most exotic of the game's flora and fauna, and as a result, many are pretty hard to find.

Finding all five will also reward you with the Underground, Overground achievement - giving you a little something extra for your effort.

This page explains how to find all five caves, working from the bottom of the world upwards.

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If you've yet to sample the game yet, our Grow Home review might be able to convince you.

Caves in Grow Home explained

A quick word on caves. The flora and fauna you find within are great if you're filling up the Data Bank, which when completed, gives you the Investment Account achievement.

Beyond that, they're lovely peaceful spaces in their own right and great for exploring when you hunt for crystals. This is a great game for just hanging out in. Caves are a lovely part of that.

Be warned: it's best to have unlocked quite a bit of jetpack fuel before going for the Underground, Overground achievement as some of the caves can be hard to reach.

Grow Home Cave 1 location

Although it's the first cave you'll come across in the game, this one's often the last cave people find because it can be hard to see. It's around the back of the big mountain in the beach area.

The easiest way to spot it is to stand on the last of the little hills that separate the starting area and the beach. Look towards the back of the mountain and you'll see it pretty easily as a darker area in the rock.

If you're collecting plant and animal life for the Data Bank - a lovely in-game ritual - this cave contains Jerkweeds.

Grow Home Cave 2 location

Cave 2 is on the first of the game's large floating islands - the one that is accessed by Tele-Router 4. There are actually three entrances to this cave. Let's go through them in turn.

The first is towards the bottom of the island's tear-drop shape, and you can see it quite clearly because there's a small waterfall pouring from the cave's opening.

If you don't fancy that much tricky climbing, there's a second entrance slightly higher on the opposite side of the island. It's surrounded by a chain of floating rocks, and the cave entrance itself is marked by two tall mushrooms. This entrance is blocked with boulders.

Even easier is the final entrance that will drop you down into the cave. If you climb down from Tele-Router 4 towards the island's beach, at the foot of the cliff you will find a narrow entrance just behind the lake.

In terms of flora and fauna, this cave contains a Warble and some Plumins. (If this is your first Warble, congratulations! You just unlocked the Where's Warble achievement!)

Grow Home Cave 3 location

The remaining caves are all on the largest floating island that is distinguished by its huge snow-capped mountain and its donut-hole waterfall in the centre.

To find the third cave, start on Tele-Router 6 and look towards a cluster of palms off to the nearest side of the mountain. There are a series of trenches in the ground here. The cave is at the bottom of the trench that lies between the row of two palms and the row of three bushy trees and a single palm. Have faith! Jump down and you'll find the cave you're after hidden underneath.

This cave contains a single Gold Plumed Warble.

Grow Home Cave 4 location

Inside the donut-hole waterfall you'll find a cave entrance marked by the fact that the water parts around it like curtains. This is the fourth cave. Be careful! There's a bull inside. There's also a cluster of loose rocks in the floor towards the back that will drop you right out of the island itself onto a little platform where a handy Glide Leaf is waiting!

Alongside the bull, this cave contains Snips hanging from the ceiling and a few Cactoids, which are easier to find elsewhere!

Grow Home Cave 5 location

Along with the very first cave, this one is probably the trickiest to find, but it's easy once you know where to start looking.

On the opposite side of the mountain to Tele-Router 6 is a little hill with one of those plants on it that looks like a giant serving spoon. Head to the hill and stand at the base of it. Then, look back towards the mountain. At the very bottom of the mountain, right above the flowing water, you should see a narrow cave entrance blocked up with boulders. Cave 5 lurks behind those boulders! And once inside you're done!

This cave contains a few more Snips and a handful of glow-in-the-dark Grubble.

Hope that helps! Once you're done with Grow Home, it might be worth turning your attention to the sequel, which we've covered in our Grow Up review.

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