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Grounded developer announces new 'Shared World' feature

Creeping it real.

A new and long-awaited feature for Grounded has been revealed by developer Obsidian.

This feature, known as 'Shared World', allows players to create and "own" up to three shared worlds (hence the name) which will then be stored in the cloud. These can then be shared with friends and family to enable them to host that world "while you are not online".

Grounded's full release announcement trailer.

In turn, each player can also have up to 50 worlds shared with them at any given time. In addition to this, Obsidian states that any player's standard worlds can be changed to a shared world if they wish. This is done through the game's save and load menu.

There are, of course, a few small things to bear in mind when using this feature. Firstly, these shared worlds can only be played by "hosting it as a multiplayer game".

Secondly, only one person can host a world at a time. If someone is already hosting the world you want to play in, you will have to join them rather than hosting your own game.

All that being said, Obsidian has assured players that progress made within Grounded while someone is hosting a shared world "will be properly restored regardless of who hosts the next world".

Elsewhere in the news, Grounded's director Adam Brennecke recently announced the game gets its full release on 27th September.

In addition, an upcoming TV adaptation of the game is in the pipeline.

As Matt reported earlier in the year, Grounded's television debut will follow the same basic premise as the game, telling the story of four friends who, the summer before high school, find their plans to elevate their social standing upended after discovering shrinking technology that makes them two inches tall.

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