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Gripshift PS3 details

Due out very soon.

The PlayStation 3 version of PSP racing game Gripshift is just around the corner, according to reports.

This won't be a full game, mind you, but one of those downloadable e-Distribution Initiative (EDI) efforts, available for US$ 9.99.

IGN suggests that it will be released either later this month or in early January.

That's good news for anybody who has a PS3 and a US credit card, since, while something of an acquired taste, we were really rather fond of silly old Gripshift - a game that offered much more than racing.

Instead, it mixed in elements of puzzling and collection, having you scour levels for icons in order to build up a high-score - and had more in common with something like Mercury Meltdown as a result.

The PS3 version will reportedly feature 125 new and remixed levels set across 25 tracks, along with improved handling and four-player online modes.

It's also set to run at 60fps in 720p resolution, IGN reports.

All of which has us quite excited. For more on Gripshift, check out our review of the PSP version - from right around this time last year, in fact.

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