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Grim Fandango - Year 4, grinder, bomb, nitrogen, alligator, rag, toaster, disguise, sign

Our complete Grim Fandango walkthrough concludes with a step-by-step guide to completing the final fourth chapter of the game.

Time to get stuck into the fourth and final chapter of Manny's adventure.

At the start of the final year, go downstairs until you come to a coffin. Open it up to discover Bruno, the guy you grabbed at the start of the game. Put away the mug when he throws it at you, then go back upstairs and watch the cut-scene. When you leave, the strange guy at the top will give you a letter from Hector. Head part-way downstairs, then take a right to find Glottis.

Return to Rubacava

Work your way through all of the dialogue options with the little guy up here, then enter the kitchen and put the mug that was thrown at you onto the mug tree by the sink. Take a rag from the drawer, then go outside and use it on the red oil cannister to the left of the kitchen. Now go back to the kitchen and stick that oily rag in the toaster.

How to disarm the bomb

When you're back at Rubacava, go to the docks and start talking to Velasco. When he leaves, take the bottle and make your way to the Blue Casket. Enter the kitchen and fill that bottle with what's in the keg. When you leave, you'll be accosted by Olivia who wants to go with you, but needs to change. Exit the cafe and head back towards Meche and Glottis. Hand the bottle over to Glottis to get him drinking again. When he comes back - feeling more than a little green - start chatting to make him vomit.

Next, head south towards Toto's and take the liquid nitrogen from the medicine cabinet on the wall - it's just to the left of the telephone. Freeze Glottis's vomit using the nitrogen, and then disable the bomb.

Once you have control of Manny again, grab the arm from the soldier on the floor, then speak with Meche. Now leave the building, go past the Bone Wagon, and climb up the next two ladders you see until you're backstage at the casino. Pick up the coffee pot, then go up the ladder that's just next to the performer on the left. Drop the coffee onto the performer's head, then climb back down and head into the dressing room to get prepared.

Go back up the ladder and place the arm into the grinder. Take the grinder and climb back down the ladders. Walk through the doorway marked Casino, head left and then approach the slot-machines. Speak to the LSA agent in the trenchcoat a few times. Now talk to Meche at the slot machines. Put the sheet over Charlie, then talk once more with the agent so that he forces the machine to pay out. Finally, Walk into the bathroom to complete your disguise.

Head back to the LSA headquarters and then take the photo from the rubbish bin. Use Hector's note on the skeletal pigeon and give it the photo. When the cut-scene ends, you should make your way back towards the Bone Wagon. When you see it, take a right to enter a different section of the sewers.

Get past the alligator in the sewers

Make your way towards the right-hand tunnel, then use the grinder after you hear a growl. As you progress through the tunnel, you'll suddenly find an alligator blocking your path. Use the remote device to jack up the Bone Wagon's hydraulics, then have Manny climb onto the ledge that's on the right-hand side of the screen. Walk along it towards the ladder at the opposite end and then start climbing down. When the alligator turns around, activate the remote control to bring the Bone Wagon crashing down onto the creature's tail.

Walk into the florist's shop and use Manny's scythe on the bell above the door. Leave, then go back inside to have the owner welcome you. He'll also hand you a gun and some ammo. Next, go back to the casino and talk to the demon guarding the lift. The way to gain access to the private floors is to answer this character's questions correctly. Keep your eyes on the board behind Manny for the correct answer - it's always the last number listed.

How to climb up the ladder on the roof

When you reach Hector's floor, work through the conversation options with Celso and his wife until you've convinced them to agree to Hector's deal. Try to follow them when they enter Hector's office. When the cut-scene finishes, you'll find yourself out on the ledge of the casino. Go towards the ladder, try to climb up it, then look for a crack in the supporting girder of the sign. Use your grinder on this crack, then use the Sproutella on it to shatter the support. Go up the ladder to have Manny slide his way onto the next roof, then watch the cut-scene.

Finish the game at the greenhouse

Run up the hill towards the big greenhouse, then go inside. Use the liquid nitrogen on Manny's infection after Hector shoots him. Head back to the car and look at the backseat, then speak with Sal. When the pair of them are dead, open up the suitcase and take your scythe from inside.

Grab the ticket, then walk behind the greenhouse and locate Sal's body using the ticket. Take his keys and go back to open the boot of the car. Take the gun, then make your way towards the water tower at the bottom of the hill and use the weapon on it. Enter the greenhouse to start the closing sequence. Congratulations!

You can find the rest of our complete Grim Fandango guide from the index page.

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