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Grim Fandango - Year 3, anchors, locked door, crane, stockings, Bust-All, hammer, axe

How to complete all of the fiddly puzzles in Grim Fandango's third year, from linking anchors to escaping with Meche from the secret room.

Go down and into the ship, then down the ladder. When you try to walk along the hall, the customs guard will find you, but Glottis will jump in and save your skin.

How to use the anchor switches and levers

There's are two red buttons - one on the left wall, one on the right. Use them to lift both anchors up. Drop the left-hand anchor, then use the levers and select the left arrow. When the ship's finished moving, press the right-hand red button to drop the other anchor. Press it again to bring the interlocked pair of anchors to the surface. Now look out of the porthole and use Manny's scythe on the anchors. Finally, go over to the left-hand red button and push it, then use the levers and select the up arrow to break away completely.

The part of the ship Glottis and Manny are in will start sinking, before coming to a rest at the bottom of the ocean. Head towards the light, at which point Glottis will warn you about the dangers of sea monsters.

The approaching danger is actually a chap called Chepito. When this character gets near, speak to him and work through all of the dialogue options. Let him carry on wandering, then interact with him as he stops by the edge of the light. The minute you have him in your clutches, interact with Glottis who'll grab the little fella of you.

When you reach the next screen, head towards the rock that's jutting out from the ridge, then walk around it anti-clockwise to get Chepito caught up in the tendrils.

When you reach the next location, simply take the lift up to the next floor. Now walk to the right, then keep going through doors until you come to Meche. Sadly, this means Manny's just walked right into Domino's trap - when you come around, you'll be in a room with a cage containing two strange children.

Get the Bust-All from Chepito

After working your way through the dialogue options, the little boy will hit Manny. Take the hammer from the floor and make your way back to Meche's office. Your job now is to move the ashtray just as she flicks her cigarette, forcing her to throw her stockings into the rubbish.

Take the damaged stockings out of the bin, then head down in the lift. Walk to the bottom of the screen and then take a left. Walk up to Chepito and hand the hammer over to him. In exchange he'll give you the Bust-All he was working with. Next, hand him the stockings. Make your way back to the lift, but don't go inside it. Instead, take the lit path over on the right.

Use the crane to steer the chain

Interact with the lever you see to change the conveyor belt's direction, then get up on it. Run up along the belt towards a new screen, then go upstairs to reach the crane. Move it over to the opposite side of the island, then lower it before leaving. Walk over to the claw on the beach and use that Bust-All on it to break the chain. Now get back onto the crane, and bring the chain down into the grinders. Lift it back up to smash them to pieces, then return the crane to the side of the island it started at. Drop the chain again so that it lands on the conveyor belt

Head down the conveyor belt and jump off where you see the lever. Use it to switch the direction back once more. This will cause the chain to bunch up. Use the lever again to get the chain tangled up with the anchor. Now get back onto the crane and raise it again to rescue Glottis. When you're done, head back to Meche's office, then use the gun on her. Manny will hand it over, at which point Meche will load it up and threaten Manny.

Manny will be forced towards Domino's office. He's not fussed about what happens to Manny, so Meche will instead turn the weapon on Domino. He'll take the gun from her and lock her up. Have Manny run into the corridor where there's a door with a wheel. Use that Bust-All againe on the right-hand section of the door to get a good look at the tumblers.

Open the door with the tumblers

This is a fiddly puzzle, and it might take you a while to get the solution just right. What you need to do is make sure that the flat ends of the tumblers line up neatly with the right-hand edge of the door. Turn the wheel left just a little to get the upper tumbler aligned correctly, then turn the wheel right to get the second tumbler in position. Tease the wheel back and forth to get the final two tumblers lined up simultaneously.

If you mess it up, just yank the door handle to spin the tumblers around and effectively reset the puzzle. Once you do have everything lined up just so, use Manny's scythe in the crack you've created. If Manny's happy with the positioning, you'll be able to grab the handle and open the door.

How to escape the secret room with Meche

Once you've gone through, shut the door behind you, then use Manny's scythe on the gold connector. Enter the secret room, then use your scythe once more on the sprinkler system in order to flood the room. Next, go to the wheel on the wall and use it to drain the water. Make a note of the tile the water runs out through. Go back into the last room you were in, then take the axe that's lying on the floor, over on the far side. Go back to the room you flooded and drop the axe on the drainage tile. Try to pick it up again and Manny will drop it, smashing the tile in the process.

When the cut-scene finishes, you'll be up against Domino in his submarine. Use your scythe to jab the creature in the eye, then watch the cut-scene in which Domino meets his sticky end. This finishes up the third year of Grim Fandango, and starts you off on the fourth and final chapter.

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