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Grim Fandango - Year 2, metal detector, forklift, VIP pass, betting slips, dog tags, baster

From metal detectors to betting slips, our Grim Fandango walkthrough continues with a simple guide to completing the second year of the game.

When we next catch up with Manny at the start of the second year, he's running his own business in Rubacava. First thing's first, make your way into his office, then take Salvador's letter from the small table by the wall. Now go downstairs, but be ready to be stopped by Lupe. Make your way outside, then go down the stairs until you come to what you believe to be Meche. When the bird flies off, you can watch Domino taking Meche onto a boat.

At this point, Manny will run and grab a plank, but Meche bops him on the head with a bottle. Once Velsco has saved you from the drink, you'll have to work through the dialogue options until you establish a reason to board the boat.

Make your way back to the cafe by going north towards the Blue Casket restaurant. Now use the lift at the bottom-left of the building and go up the stairs to the rear of the lift. Follow the signs until you're at the cafe. Head down the obscured staircase directly opposite Lupe's cloakroom to enter the bar and find Glottis who's tinkling away at the ivories.

Obtain a VIP pass for the high roller lounge

Grab the bottle with the gold flakes inside it from the shelf behind the bar, then head through the nearby door to reach the casino area. Put the bottle away, then sit down at the occupied booth and start working through the dialogue options with Chowchilla Charlie.

When you're done talking, you'll be in possession of a VIP pass to get into the High Roller lounge. You'll also come into ownership of a betting slip printer. Head back to the bar and give the pass to Glottis. After he leaves, make your way back towards the main junction (using the lift again), and then go south towards the cat racetrack. When you reach the Bone Wagon's garage, yank the lever just to the right of the doors to form a bridge. Cross it, then head upstairs, go inside and enter the hallway.

Walk through the open door that's just opposite the big cat in the display case. Inside this room, grab the tin opener that's on top of the nearest can of cat food, then exit the way you came in. Go upstairs, then head through the door on your right to access the VIP lounge.

Enter the kitchen and take the baster that's in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When the waiter arrives, wait until he enters the store-room, then shut the doors behind him. Use your scythe to keep him locked in there. When Glottis has drunk the wine, go up the ladder, then use the tin opener you picked up to open the cask and climb inside.

Use the forklift truck in the lift

You'll end up in the basement. Use the forklift truck and move it into the lift - get it so it's as close to the red button on the wall as possible, with the prongs pointing towards the exit. Push the red button, then get on the truck. Keep trying to jam the truck forwards as the lift goes up, with the prongs poking through the right hand slit. When the lift stops moving, get down and grab the lever on the opposite side of the truck. This will lift the prongs up and force open the door.

Leave the lift and walk through the hallway. Grab the suitcase when you reach the end, then head over to the Blue Casket when the cut-scene's over. Make your way to the rear of the bar. Say goodbye to Olivia, then enter the nearby kitchen. Use the baster you picked up earlier on the dirty water in the sink, then make your way to Toto's place by returning to the Bone Wagon's garage, then going south.

Get the dog tags from Naranja

When you reach your destination, enter Toto's place via the roof, then open the fridge to his left. Take the drawer from inside, then wait for Naranja to look away before using that baster you filled up earlier on his drink. This will knock him out, at which point you can take the dog tags from his body.

How to get the metal detector

Go to the cat-racing track, then head upstairs towards the security checkpoint. Neck that gold-flake booze you picked up earlier, then try to pass through the metal detector. Work through the dialogue options until Carla gets cross and hurls the metal detector out of the window. Next, go back to the room with the cans of cat food in it and walk onto the ledge. Look right and use Manny's scythe to scoop up the discarded metal detector when you hear the beep at its loudest.

Make your way to the morgue by going over the bridge beneath the airship, and then go through the set of doors. Approach Membrillo and slip the tags on the corpse he's not attending to. Hand the metal detector over to him, then observe as he picks up the tags and informs Velasco of the corpse's (mis)identity.

Now go to the Blue Casket. Show Salvador's letter to the three beatniks closest to the camera, then take the red book from the table. Leave the bar and head left towards the Sea Bees. Talk to them, then hand over the book you've just received. After an interlude, Chief Bogen will drag the leader off to prison.

Get the key out of the cigarette case

The next job is to seek out Nick Virago at the High Roller lounge. When you get there (via the lift near the cat-racing ticket office), keep working through the dialogue options until you ultimately threaten to blackmail him over Olivia. When Nick heads off, take his cigarette case and hand it in to Carla back at the security checkpoint.

She'll think it's a bomb and throw it into the detonator. Take the key from the basket, then head back towards the Sea Bees. Go past them until you reach the lighthouse, then use the key to gain entry.

After the cut-scene, head back to Manny's cafe via the lift at the Blue Casket, and hand the card over to Lupe. You'll get Lola's jacket in exchange. Have a rummage around inside it and you'll find a piece of paper that you need. Make your way to Toto's and leave Lupe to find the message.

Hand the scrap of paper over to Toto, then make your way to the racetrack. Remember that ticket printer you picked up earlier? Make a ticket for Week 2, Tuesday, Race 6. Head over to the photo-finish counter, which is located just to the rear of the steps you use to access the racetrack, and hand your picture over to the attendant.

Take your next picture back to Nick and let him see it. When the leader of the Sea Bees has been set free, make your way over to Manny's cafe, enter his office, and use the roulette device at his desk. When the right-hand wheel light glows red, interact with the magnet and wait for Bogen to close the operation down. Once you've done this, Glottis will get booted out of the VIP Lounge, and you'll be whisked off to Year Three of the game.

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