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Gridrunner++ goes XBLA

Minter back for more.

Jeff Minter has said he is currently working on redesigning PC scrolling-shooter Gridrunner++ for Live Arcade.

It will be a "much more involved game" than the previous version, according to his blog, and feature sparkly new graphics and new three dimensional shapes.

Gridrunner++ is a, yes, psychedelic shooter where you control a little spaceship with your mouse. It continually fires vertically as you scroll through different levels, where you have to blow up nasties using various collected power-ups.

Minter already has it working on the 360 pad, and is currently ironing out gameplay details before he works on the pretty side of things.

Until then, you can head over to his Llamasoft site to download the demo of Gridrunner++ for a taste of what to expect. Or you can pop over to his Stinkygoat livejournal to keep up to date with how the animals on his farm are doing or how fancy his new iPod Touch is.

Jeff Minter and Llamasoft recently released Space Giraffe on Live Arcade, which received a mixed bag of reviews for its often over-crowded scenery - causing simple people like me to wonder what on Earth had just killed me.

Head over to our Space Giraffe review to read to very different takes on the game.

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