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Gran Turismo 7 Track List: How to unlock tracks, how many tracks and which tracks support wet weather explained

Lap land.

Gran Turismo 7 has a variety of tracks you to enjoy and some, like Le Mans, have support wet weather conditions.

Gran Turismo 7 is a full-blooded celebration of 25 years of Polyphony Digital's series, and it sees the return not only of a proper campaign but also fan favourite tracks like Deep Forest Raceway and Trial Mountain.

There's plenty more besides, though, and here's a list of every track in Gran Turismo 7, including which tracks support wet weather racing.

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How many tracks are there in Gran Turismo 7?

At launch, there are 35 different tracks for you to enjoy in Gran Turismo 7, with 25 having alternative layouts. This gives you an excellent reason to revisit certain tracks, even if they're not your favourite.

A number of these tracks also support wet weather conditions, which creates a very different racing environment.

How to unlock tracks in Gran Turismo 7

To unlock tracks in Gran Turismo 7, you need to play through the game's main campaign. Certain legendary locations, such as Le Mans, are ferreted away until near the campaign's end.

Still, this means you don't have to worry about meeting any special requirements when it comes to unlocking a new track.

For a look at which tracks are available, along with whether they support wet weather, visit the section below...

Gran Turismo 7 Track List: Every track, every configuration and wet weather details

Below you'll find every track in Gran Turismo 7 listed, along with whether or not they support wet weather:

LocationNumber of layoutsWet weather supported
Blue Moon Speedway
6 layouts (3 reverse)No
Trial Mountain
2 layouts (1 reverse)No
Colorado Springs
Off-road track, 2 layouts (1 reverse)No
Laguna Seca
1 layoutNo
Willow Springs
5 layouts (two reverse)No
Northern Isle Speedway
1 layoutNo
Special Stage Route X
1 layoutNo
Fisherman's Ranch
2 layouts (1 reverse)No
Daytona International Speedway
2 layoutsNo
Autodromo de Interlagos
1 layoutNo
Brands Hatch
2 layoutsNo
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
1 layoutYes
1 layoutNo
Circuit de la Sarthe
2 layoutsYes
3 layoutsYes
4 layouts (2 reverse)No
Deep Forest
2 layouts (1 reverse)No
Red Bull Ring
2 layoutsYes
Autodromo Lago Maggiore
12 layouts (6 reverse)No
Autodromo Nazionale Monza
2 layoutsNo
Circuit de Barcelona-Catulunya
1 layoutNo
Circuit de Sainte-Croix
6 layouts (3 reverse)No
Sardegna - Windmills
2 layouts (1 reverse)No
Sardegna Road Track
6 layouts (3 reverse)No
Dragon Trail
4 layouts (2 reverse)No
2 layoutsYes
2 layoutsYes
Kyoto Driving Park
5 layouts (2 reverse)No
Broad Bean Raceway
2 layouts (1 reverse)No
Tsukuba Circuit
1 layoutYes
Tokyo Expressway
6 layouts (3 reverse)Yes
Fuji International Speedway
2 layoutsYes
High Speed Ring
2 layouts (1 reverse)Yes
Mount Panorama
1 layout No

Have fun in Gran Turismo 7!

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