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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Analysis

It’s one of those games that predates our performance analysis tool, but is well worth a retrospective look. Running at 1280×1080 scaled up to proper 1080p, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue remains of the best looking games of this generation, even if its propensity to tear frames does seem to offend a lot of people.

In putting this test together, we chose the notoriously difficult to render London track, and tried to get as many cars on-screen as possible in the arcade mode. Performance is actually VERY good. Only the pre-race drive-by really lets the side down with a poor (by GT standards) 30FPS update and a megaton of torn frames. Elsewhere, performance is generally excellent, as seen here:

Gran Turismo 5, captured and benchmarked running in 1080p.

GT5 is a very special game in that while it runs with 2xMSAA in 1080p mode, at 720p, it renders at 1280×720 but invokes 4xMSAA - one of the few games on PS3 that actually does this. How does this affect performance? Maybe we’ll do an update next time Polyphony Digital updates the code (that crash damage upgrade is a bit behind schedule…)

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