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God of War for PSP

Later this year.

God of War is heading to the PSP later this year, it has emerged.

Although Sony has not officially announced the existence of the game, a teaser advert for the game appears in the U.S. instruction manual of God of War II with the words "coming 2007" underneath.

Development of the PSP version appears to have been handed to Ready At Dawn - the studio's logo also features at the foot of the advert. Ready At Dawn previously cut its teeth producing the acclaimed PSP-exclusive, Daxter.

Sony was unavailable for comment this morning, but 'official' official confirmation is expected at GDC during Phil Harrison's keynote speech on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Sony has God of War II lined-up for release in Europe on PlayStation 2 on 30th March, and March 13th in North America. You can catch up with our impressions of the game elsewhere on the site. Check back soon for a full review.

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