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God of War 2 demo plans

But not for Europe.

God of War 2 director Cory Barlog says the game's nearly finished and what's more there will be a demo version soon.

Speaking on his blog as part of some elaborate gibberish involving a dog called "Almost Final", Barlog noted that the team in Santa Monica would be "breaking off the demo code pretty soon".

Although he's not specific about when the demo will be released, or even how it will be distributed, the chances are it'll pitch up at retail or on coverdisks around the time of the game's launch.

God of War 2 is currently listed as "April" on Sony's UK release schedule.

It will of course be one of the PS2's last big exclusives, as Sony turns its attention to PlayStation 3, but that shouldn't stop you getting excited - certainly not if the PS2 original was anything to go by. And believe us, it was certainly something to go by.

For more on God of War 2's progress, and my first sighting of the word "hecka", check Cory's blog.

Edit: Looks like we won't be getting the demo after all, as Barlog notes: "For the people who are hoping for a PAL demo, I am really, really sorry but with the time frame we have in front of us there just is not enough time to get both a PAL and NTSC demo done. I would love to do that, but I really want to ship this game on time."

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