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Go heading to Live Arcade?

Ancient Chinese secret!

Incredibly old Chinese board game Go might be on its way to Xbox Live Arcade, judging by a job posting unearthed overnight (good work, forum people).

The ad seeks a C++ programmer, and says: "This role will involve writing a Xbox 360 title for Xbox Live Arcade. The game will be an adaptation of the classic board game Go, and will support a 3D view and networked Xbox Live play."

So unless they were having a bad typing day and meant "Jenga", that's good news for people who fancy themselves at a bit of the old territorial stone-positioning. Although you'll probably want a pretty solid Internet connection before you embark on a network game, since some of them can last for the best part of a day.

Microsoft didn't immediately return our request for comment. But that's hardly surprising since they're not magic. When they'd sat down, had their morning cuppa and settled into the rhythm of the day, we were informed nobody there can comment on "rumour and speculation".

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