Giveaways Firefall permanent beta key giveaway!

We're back with another Firefall beta key giveaway! This time, however, there's a difference. Whereas the previous giveaways were for a specific beta weekend, these keys will last for the duration of the game's beta phase. Neato.

Firefall is an ambitious PC MMO shooter currently in development at Red 5 Studios. The game seeks to marry the best elements of the MMORPG & MMOFPS genres with huge open worlds, an in-depth crafting system, jetpacks and motorbikes. Maybe not the last one. With a team of developers that boasts the talents of Mark Kern (one of the original WoW teams leads) and Scott Youngblood (lead designer on Tribes 2) there's every chance that Red 5 can pull this off.

There's no set release date for Firefall at the moment but, luckily for you, we have 1000 keys to give away for the closed beta. Hit the button below to claim your key!

This giveaway has now finished. If you successfully claimed a key, it should appear below, along with instructions for what to do next.