Giveaways APB beta key giveaway!

There's been plenty of talk about why APB, Realtime Worlds' cops and gangsters online game, ought to be good. This is the company that made Crackdown and is led by Dave Jones, creator of Grand Theft Auto, and he himself has described ABP as a "bastard child" of Rockstar's famous IP.

But credentials are one thing; what's really stoked the fire are consistently jaw-dropping demonstrations of APB. Last summer we summed up the premise: 100-player battles as part of a larger, persistent world where tens and even hundreds of thousands of people can co-exist. Then, in September, we watched as Epic Games' Mark Rein appeared in a playable demonstration on the game's closed beta servers.

In short: there's nothing else like APB. And now it's your chance to play, as Eurogamer teams up with Realtime Worlds to give away 10,000 keys to the APB beta. And all you have to do is claim a key below.

Those fast enough will face an 8GB client download before the beta doors open on Sunday night. There's a Beginner's Guide to APB to consider until then.


This giveaway has now finished. If you successfully claimed a key, it should appear below, along with instructions for what to do next.