Giveaways Star Trek Online beta key giveaway

Namco Bandai, Atari and Cryptic are going to release Star Trek Online to the world next month - the MMO featuring spaceship battles, planetary adventure and managing and maintaining a crew. It looks like a lot of fun.

But before European release on 5th February there is testing to do, so Cryptic is after your help straightening out the MMO. Of course, we know the real lure will be a glimpse behind closed doors before everybody else, offering invaluable and enviable knowledge that will allow you to progress more quickly than friends when Star Trek Online launches.

Eurogamer and Cryptic have 500 beta keys to give away to anyone who clicks the box below before they all run out. You'll need to register with Eurogamer to claim one - a quick and painless procedure, we promise.

When you're given your key we'll fill you in on what to do next. Note that the beta test is only available at certain times - the next sessions are tonight (Wednesday 6th January from 7pm to 4am GMT) and this weekend (6pm Saturday 9th January to 6pm Monday 11th January). Keep track of further testing times at the Star Trek Online beta news site.

Star Trek Online, backed by the colossal Star Trek canon and veteran brains of Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes, Champions Online), is a no-brainer on the MMO calendar for 2010. And thankfully the developer appears to be as batty about the universe as fans, producing what has been a charming and homage-laden game to play so far.

Our hands-on impressions will tell you more as you wait for your game client to download.

This giveaway has now finished. If you successfully claimed a key, it should appear below, along with instructions for what to do next.