Giveaways Champions Online beta key giveaway

Eurogamer and Cryptic Studios have partnered up to offer you an early look at upcoming superhero MMO, Champions Online.

We have 400 keys to give away, and they grant access to special preview evenings that usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays. You'll know exactly when if you grab a key, so don't panic.

Just click below to claim one. You must be a registered Eurogamer reader to do so, but if you're not, registration is quick and painless and has no strings attached. We're not spooky or anything.

Champions Online is shaping for a 4th September PC release. And there's considerable excitement, because if any studio should know how to make a superhero MMO, it's Cryptic Studios - having createded spandex pioneer City of Heroes and maintained it amid stiff competition for its first few years.

From an "intoxicating" character creator to slick, pacey combat, Champions Online is ticking boxes and turning heads. Have a go; see what all the fuss is about. You may just like it.

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