Giveaways Age of Conan free trial keys!

Free trials for Funcom's fantasy MMORPG, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, have just begun! We've got 20,000 exclusive free trial keys to give away; 10,000 for European servers, and 10,000 for North American servers.

Each key unlocks a seven-day free trial of the game, and comes with three complimentary, exclusive items:

Totem of Origins: using this item will allow the player to teleport back to his/her cultural city from anywhere in the world after level 20.
Bag of Holding: the friend of all new characters, this bag increases the inventory capacity, allowing more loot to be carried around.
Enruned Kosalan Ring: a very powerful item that increases the combat damage output from its wearer. It works for both melee and magic damage.

Age of Conan is a brutal and bloody twist on massively-multiplayer fantasy gaming, with 80 levels of fast-paced combat, questing, crafting, and nipples. For much more info, visit the Age of Conan gamepage or the official Age of Conan website.

You can claim a key for Age of Conan's European servers below. If you're based in (or nearer) North America - or if the European keys have run out, and you don't mind playing on a North American server - please visit our separate North American giveaway page. Anyone is free to play on either group of servers.

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