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The Getaway

Ferocious crime-based mayhem

"He's got more than a monkey in 'ere!"

The Getaway takes place over 50 square kilometres of Central London, photo-realistically portrayed (see the 6 exclusive screenshots dotted around the page for details!) from Kensington Palace to the Tower of London. The player takes past in blistering car chases and road-races, but also enters buildings on-foot to commit crimes… from bank robberies to gangland hits. More than 50 real vehicles have been recreated and all are capable of car-stunts in traditional Hollywood style. From the sound of the press release, it'll be Hollywood-physics all the way, with races down narrow alleyways and tyre-burning power slides. The living, breathing city sensation will be there as well, with pedestrians and other drivers occupying the streets of London. As you can see from the screenshots, the photo-realism is absolute. It's a stunningly gorgeous game, even in this unfinished state. Each car's bodywork is authentic, with Fed Ex and BT vans among others dashing about from place to place. With this sort of authenticity, we may well see missions including knocking off a Securicor van, robbing a Post Office or what-have-you. The permissions and credits listing in the manual will be unbelievable!


Using modern day film production techniques, the team behind The Getaway will hopefully manage to create a refreshing blend of interactive city-sprawling cobs-n-robbers mayhem, similar to the car chases seen in Hollywood blockbusters. That's what they're aiming for anyway, and with the Playstation 2's advanced hardware, it should be every bit a possibility. Real life actors and a professional film industry scriptwriter and art director have been employed the give The Getaway a touch of Hollywood class. As Sony are saying, the player could easily be mistaken for thinking they are inside a Tarantino movie.

Note: These are ALL in-game screenshots!

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