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Get your name in GT5 credits

Are your song titles as good as ours?

Sony and Polyphony want you to conjure a name for the song used in the E3 trailer of upcoming PS3-exclusive racer Gran Turismo 5.

Provide the winner and you'll receive Special Thanks in the Gran Turismo 5 credits.

The deadline is Sunday, 25th July and there are few guidelines to adhere to when entering. Those can be found on the US Gran Turismo website.

There you'll also find an audio stream and the transcribed lyrics to the song. Multiple entrants suggesting the same name will all be credited.

What about using one of our suggestions? You Put Me Into Neutral; Rev My 1.6; I'll Wait for You (in the Lay-by); M6 Motherf*****.

Gran Turismo 5 will be released in November. We hope.

Here's some footage of Gran Turismo 5 to oil your engines.

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