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Get scared and die trying in Alien: Isolation's Survivor Mode

Ian versus Gav. Does anyone make it out alive?

Alien: Isolation's Survivor Mode is a player versus alien, objective-based time challenge.

Players try to set the fastest time possible while escaping the clutches of the alien on a series of claustrophobic maps. At the end of your attempt you get a score, which is uploaded to global leaderboards so you can see how you did versus the wider player base. If you complete bonus objectives, displayed on the top right hand corner of the screen, you boost your score.

Ian and Gav each try their hand at Survivor Mode in the video, below, which gives us a good look at what it's like to play. Do either of them make it out alive?

Meanwhile, publisher announced Survivor Mode will see a raft of downloadable content after the game comes out in October.

Five Survivor mode add-on packs will be released from 28th October individually as well as collectively with the Season Pass. The content will be released over a six month period, publisher Sega said.

The game comes with a Survivor Mode demo, which includes one playable map, Basement. On 28th October the first of the five Survivor Mode add-on packs will be released. This includes three new maps, each with its own set objective, a new playable character and enemy types.

The other four add-on packs each include a new playable character, new maps and game modes.

The Season Pass gives you access to all five Survivor Mode add-on packs with a 25 per cent discount.

Alien: Isolation, developed by UK studio Creative Assembly, launches on 7th October. In the video, below, developer Al Hope plays Survivor Mode to show us how the pros do it.

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