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Genshin Impact Fading Twilight bow Ascension materials, stats, Refine ability, who should use Fading Twilight

This versatile bow can be used by many characters on or off the field.

The Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact is a 4-Star bow first offered as an event reward during the 2.7 update.

While introduced at the same time as the 5-Star Hydro archer, Yelan, it's not the best weapon for her to use (that would be the Aqua Simulacra), but it is a decent substitiute if you don't want to Wish on a weapon banner.

Yelan isn’t the only character who can use the Fading Twilight, however, so we’ll go over which characters can benefit from its stats, and all the Ascension Materials you need to upgrade the 4-Star weapon below.

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Genshin Impact Fading Twilight ability, stats, attack and crit damage

The Fading Twilight is a 4-Star bow that (when Refined) greatly increases the damage dealt of the character who equips it. It's ability has three damage states, somewhat limiting a character's DPS (damage per second) potential, but this doesn't mean the Fading Twilight is a bad weapon, it's just not optimised for any one character's build.

Here's a summary of the Fading Twilight’s abilities and stats in Genshin Impact:

  • Rarity: 4-Stars
  • Base attack: 44
  • Secondary stat: Energy recharge
  • Secondary stat value: 6.7
  • Special ability (passive): Radiance of the Deeps (cycles between three states when an opponent is hit, states limited to one every seven seconds, Evengleam increases damage by 6%, Afterglow by 10%, and Dawnblaze by 14%, ability takes effect whether the character is on field or not)

With thanks to information sourced by honeyhunterworld, the table below provides a more detailed look at the Fading Twilight’s base attack and Energy recharge for each level:

Weapon level Base attack Energy recharge
Level 1 44 6.7
Level 5 59 7.7
Level 10 79 9.1
Level 15 99 10.4
Level 20 119 11.8
Level 20 (after first Ascension) 144 11.8
Level 25 165 13.1
Level 30 185 14.5
Level 35 205 15.8
Level 40 226 17.2
Level 40 (after second Ascension) 252 17.2
Level 45 273 18.5
Level 50 293 19.9
Level 50 (after third Ascension) 319 19.9
Level 55 340 21.1
Level 60 361 22.6
Level 60 (after fourth Ascension) 387 22.6
Level 65 408 23.9
Level 70 429 25.2
Level 70 (after fifth Ascension) 476 25.2
Level 75 476 26.6
Level 80 497 27.9
Level 80 (after sixth Ascension) 523 27.9
Level 85 544 29.3
Level 90 565 30.6

Genshin Impact Fading Twilight Ascension materials

To get the Fading Twilight to Level 90, you’re going to have to use Ascension materials to upgrade the bow. This takes a lot of Mora and farming materials, but it will help with a character’s DPS output and Energy recharge.

Aerosiderite, Sacrificial Knife, and Scroll materials of various rarities will have to be sourced in order to raise the Fading Twilight's Ascension level higher. Materials can be found in Domains, dropped by enemies, and some can even be purchased from the various in-game shops.

The table below details what Ascension materials you need to upgrade the Fading Twilight past its base levels:

Weapon Ascension level Ascension materials Mora
Level 20 x3 Grain of Aerosiderite, x3 Hunter's Sacrificial Knife, x2 Divining Scroll 5,000
Level 40 x3 Piece of Aerosiderite, x12 Hunter's Sacrificial Knife, x8 Divining Scroll 15,000
Level 50 x6 Piece of Aerosiderite, x6 Agent's Sacrificial Knife, x6 Sealed Scroll 20,000
Level 60 x3 Bit of Aerosiderite, x12 Agent's Sacrificial Knife, x9 Sealed Scroll 30,000
Level 70 x6 Bit of Aerosiderite, x9 Inspector's Sacrificial Knife, x6 Forbidden Curse Scroll 35,000
Level 80 x4 Chunk of Aerosiderite, x18 Inspector's Sacrificial Knife, x12 Forbidden Curse Scroll 45,000

Genshin Impact Fading Twilight Refine Ability stats

You need to to take part in the Realms of Guile and War 2.7 event and earn Glowing Gem to upgrade the weapon’s passive ability, Radiance of the Deeps.

When you've earned enough materials for Fading Twilight, here’s all the benefits you can get by refining the weapon to its max level:

  • Refine Level 1: Evengleam increases damage by 6%, Afterglow by 10%, and Dawnblaze by 14%.
  • Refine Level 2: Evengleam increases damage by 7.5%, Afterglow by 12.5%, and Dawnblaze by 17.5%.
  • Refine Level 3: Evengleam increases damage by 9%, Afterglow by 15%, and Dawnblaze by 21%.
  • Refine Level 4: Evengleam increases damage by 10.5%, Afterglow by 17.5%, and Dawnblaze by 24.5%.
  • Refine Level 5: Evengleam increases damage by 12%, Afterglow by 20%, and Dawnblaze by 28%.

The benefits from all five levels of the Refined ability take effect whether the character wielding the Fading Twilight is on the field or not.

Version 4.1 is coming! With it comes the debut of Neuvillette and Wriothesley, but in the meantime in version 4.0 our Fontaine guide can help with Fontaine's Reputation and the Fountain of Lucine, and you can also redeem new codes for Primogems if you want Lyney - and check him out on our tier list. For improving Lyney, you'll need lots of Rainbow Rose, and Lynette requires Lumidouce Bell. You'll also need luck from the Pity and 50/50 systems to Wish with Fate for them and future Banners, and you always need the right Adventure Rank for events. Elsewhere, we have tips and tricks for beginners, Dendroculus locations, fishing locations, and TCG card locations.

Who should use Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact?

The Fading Twilight isn't going to be used for anybody's best build, that's usually reserved for a pricey 5-Star weapon, but it is a versatile bow that can be put to good use on a lot of archers.


Yelan's DPS and sub DPS builds probably benefit from the Fading Twilight's Energy recharge capabilities the most if you don't have Artifacts or a good team composition to help with her Energy needs. It's a decent substitute for the Aqua Simulacra, but only if you don't have the Favonious Warbow.

Kujou Sara

The Fading Twilight is actually a pretty good 4-Star bow for Kujou Sara. The increased attack and Energy recharge capabilities help with her sub DPS build, giving her more opportunities to use her Elemental Burst more effectively. It's good, but the 5-Star Elegy for the End bow is still Sara's best weapon in a sub DPS role.

Yelan benefits the most from using the Fading Twilight if you don't have the Aqua Simulacra or Favonious Warbow.


If you don't have a good bow for Ganyu, the Fading Twilight is best used with a DPS build to take advantage of the damage bonuses, or as a sub DPS Elemental Burst build helped by the bow's Energy recharge. It's only really recommended to use the Fading Twilight if you don't have the Hamayumi, Prototype Crescent, or 5-Star Amos' bow.


Like Ganyu, the Fading Twilight doubles up as a serviceable on-field DPS option or sub DPS Elemental Burst aid. Aloy doesn't have a custom bow for her, but 5-Star weapons like the Thundering Pulse or Skyward Harp, and even the 4-Star Rust bow are probably better utilised on Aloy if you have them.

Have fun using the Fading Twilight in Genshin Impact!

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