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GDC: Funcom's new MMO

The World Online.

The World Online is the working title of Funcom's new MMO, project director Jorgen Thraldsen told Eurogamer at GDC today.

Set in the present day, the game is currently only confirmed for PC, though apparently an Xbox 360 version isn't out of the question. A release date has not been mentioned as yet.

"It's not a Dreamfall MMO," a spokesman confirmed, "but it involves a lot of the people that worked on the game."

Funcom is determined to keep the development completely in-house, and will use its in-house Age of Conan engine to build the game with - something the developer believes has much more life in it yet.

"We have always used our in-house technology, and we're developing the engine even further," the spokesperson added. "The Age of Conan engine, even today, looks really good with DX 10 - so the guys working on the [new] MMO have even more time to work on gameplay and content."

More information is expected to be gleaned from GDC.

Age of Conan is due for PC release on 30th October, though an Xbox 360 date has yet to be confirmed. Head over to our game page for more information.

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