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GC: Dyack confident "justice will be done" in Unreal suit

Won't impact Too Human.

Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack has said that he believes "justice will be done" when his company's case against Epic Games over an alleged lack of Unreal Engine 3 support is heard.

"I will say that we strongly believe in the complaint that we've served them with," Dyack told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"We have a law team that's really fantastic and they're going to get the case out there and I am hopeful and confident that justice will be done. Besides that I really can't comment."

Asked whether the case - and indeed Epic's counter-suit, which claimed SK was attempting to "take Epic's licensed technology, pay nothing for it, and use it any way it pleases" - would affect Too Human's release date, Dyack as adamant.

"It absolutely will not affect Too Human. In no way," he told us.

Dyack also said that the game would be shown off to journalists, who would be able to play it for the first time since E3 2006, this October.

For more of his views on the future of consoles - which he believes will converge into a single unified format, the subject of his Games Convention Games Developer's conference speech - check out the rest of the interview.

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