Zoo Keeper

Bejeweled is most popular this century

25 million sold, 6 billion hours played.

PopCap Games has claimed that Bejeweled is the most popular casual series of the century, with Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 collectively selling over 25 million units since early 2000.

FeatureTop 50 Reaction: Zoo Keeper

Hiroyuki Kamakami on ZK's placing.

Following on from last weekend's brief chat with Cryptic Studios' Jack Emmert, we've had another response to our round of post-top 50 emails - this time from Hiroyuki Kamakami, producer of our eighth-favourite game of 2005, Zoo Keeper, who took some time out from his duties at developer Success Corp. to sling back a few answers.

Zoo Keeper

Zoo Keeper

A hugely absorbing and enjoyable puzzle game. Which is absolutely not worth spending money on.

Version Reviewed

Nintendo DS (exclusive... to a certain extent)


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