Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus

App of the Day: Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus

In spring, when the cherry blossom is in bloom and the moon hangs low in the sky, you'll find me down at the old shrine, blasting everything to pieces with my flamethrower. You'll know it's me because I'll be dressed as a sexy Snow White. That's how I roll, these days. You'll also know it's me, of course, because I'll be the only person there who isn't a zombie.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland didn't make too much of a splash when it came out on WiiWare. That's possibly because WiiWare lightgun-styled shooters are often not quite as much fun as you expect them to be. Some of them are pretty good, granted, but too many get the sensitivity all wrong: too sluggish when moving the reticule long distances, too trembly when you're trying to keep it still.

On iOS, all of those problems go away. Move back and forth along the bottom of the screen with tilt sensors, aim and fire at oncoming hordes with your finger, and double-tap to lob a grenade. It's brilliant fun. The default gun's an SMG that goes like a drill and never needs reloading, and you have limited ammo for both a heavy weapon and a flamethrower, while a quick swipe in either direction sends you into a dodge.

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