App of the Day: Ziggurat

App of the Day: Ziggurat

King of the hill.

Good music can make you feel nostalgic for something you never actually experienced, and now the best bite-sized mobile games are doing the same. The App Store has a knack of repackaging your own pixelated memories and presenting them to you fresh, giving you half-remembered masterworks that, in many regards, manage to surpass their inspiration.

Ziggurat's the latest to play that particular game, a three-minute bubblegum classis that unearths a single-minded score attack gem from 1993 that never actually existed. It's partly the work of Tim Rogers, the verbose essayist of Kotaku and actionbutton.net (and a man whose taste in lurid tracksuits has brightened up many a queue at industry trade shows). So it's surprising that when he turns his hands to development the result is cogent and wonderfully blunt.

Rogers typically takes a few thousand (and typically brilliant) words to make a point, but his game can be summed up in one very short paragraph. You're a 16-bit hero, stuck to a fixed point at a mountain's peak, and with your low-slung gun you must see off the growing hordes of one-eyed robots that bounce menacingly up the slopes.

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