Ys: Memories of Celceta

The fourth in the overlooked action RPG series gets a deep and enjoyable makeover for PlayStation Vita.

Ys: Memories of Celceta review

RecommendedYs: Memories of Celceta review

That's pronounced 'eece', adventurer.

On the back of a recent betrothal to Sony handhelds, Falcom has already released definitive revisions of the first three Ys titles for PlayStation Portable. Thanks to US publisher XSEED's truffle-sniffing for the best of Japan's overlooked works, the action-RPG series is now party to a growing international fan base.

Back in 1993, Ys 4 was licensed to two external 16-bit developers, a debacle that resulted in two very different variations of the same game. With Falcom in the process of rewriting the series canon, this Ys 4 remake - now dubbed Memories of Celceta - is the company's first title for PS Vita.

Protagonist Adol Christin is a rogue adventurer of Sinbad ilk, but younger, cleaner, and all licked in anime, a seafarer in search of lands to liberate from evil and girls to make weak at the knees. In Memories of Celceta, he finds himself in Casnan's town bar suffering complete memory loss. Normally one would assume this to be the result of one too many gin and tonics, but it turns out that he was exploring Celceta's Great Forest: a vast, uncharted area whose labyrinthine nature is known to imprison the meek.

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