You, Me and the Cubes

You, Me and the Cubes

You, Me and the Cubes

Balancing act.

Like all the best puzzle games, You, Me and the Cubes is built around a single, simple mechanism. There's a cube, obviously. Floating in space, all Rez-style glowing vector lines. You must keep it steady while flinging tiny people - dubbed Fallos - onto its upper surface.

Fallos can only be thrown in pairs, and you summon up a fresh duo by shaking the remote. Aim and click to set two landing spots, then throw with a familiar overarm bowling action. The Fallos hurl through the air, and the cube tilts and lurches based on their weight distribution. Any that slip to their death cost you five seconds from the timer, and since the game starts the clock at just 10 seconds for the final levels, there's little room for error. Once the required number of Fallos are balanced, you're judged for a three-second countdown, and provided nobody falls off, you're off to the next level.

When you've got to balance two Fallos on a single cube, it's very easy. Plop them in opposite corners - job done. Things soon get complicated, however. More cubes are added to the construction, and you must have at least one Fallo on each cube before the level can be finished. Since you can only throw Fallos in pairs, an odd number of cubes soon means that basic symmetry is impractical. Later still, the cubes start to take on different properties. Some will help your Fallos remain steady, others make it easier for them to topple to their doom.

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