Yoshi's Touch & Go

Yoshi's Touch & Go

Yoshi's Touch & Go

Never likely to send you to cloud nine.

Yoshi's Touch & Go isn't really worth buying at its current price. I know that's a bit of a downer to come in on, but the key point I want to make about is that it's easy to confuse why it isn't worth buying at its current price.

It's about preconceptions. Yoshi's Touch & Go looks like a platform game, with an audiovisual make-up comparable to Yoshi's Island or Super Mario World, but it only really has one actual level, even if it is split into two distinctive parts. And there aren't too many people I know who would pay the best part of 25 for a 2D platformer with one level.

But to mark it down on that basis would be unfair, because you soon realise it isn't really a platformer at all; it's a high scores game, similar in a sense to webgames like this one, which involve getting as far as possible on a linear, forced-scrolling path without coming unstuck even once, and then banking the distance as points.

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