Yoku's Island Express

A glorious marriage of pinball and platforming and a wild-spirited adventure to cherish.

Yoku's Island Express review - a pinball/platforming hybrid that works brilliantly well

You could probably build a fairly tedious argument around the premise that video games have two key parental figures. There's pen-and-paper RPGs on one side, with all the stats, the loot, the character sheets and the narrative choices. And then there's pinball on the other, a sticky bar-room game that favours reaction-time and dexterity and intricate layout design, that rewards you - and draws you in - with glorious sounds and lights. Pen-and-paper RPGs gave us Baldur's Gate and Deus Ex; pinball gave us Mario and GTA (the original GTA actually started out as an explicit riff on pinball, I gather; a little of this survived via the in-game text that aped the wonderfully garish displays of pinball machines). Or, you could forget all that and play Yoku's Island Express, a platformer with more than a little RPG to it, in which you control a dung beetle postman who hops around an island not using a jump button and a dash move, but by bouncing from one point to another while being whacked with flippers.

Yoku's Island Express

Developer: Villa Gorilla

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Yoku's Island Express already has a bunch of genres attached to it - it's been called a pinball game, a platformer, an adventure. After an hour with the game's final version, I'd like to helpfully add a few more - it's a bit of a Metroidvania, a bit of a puzzler. It's consistently charming and often wonderfully surprising. I can't really think of a lot else like it.

The hugely charming Yoku's Island Express has a release date

Yoku's Island Express will launch for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 29th May, publisher Team17 has announced.

If you've not heard of Yoku before, well, it's a pinball-based platformer where you play as a dung beetle postman solving problems and delivering mail. It's even better than it sounds.

It's an odd pitch, but there's plenty of depth to the game - a large world to explore, missions to solve, and special abilities to equip. Here's a new trailer, so you can see it all in action.

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