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Download Games Roundup

Starzzle! Dodo! Pants! Yars! Twist!

VideoYars Revenge trailer shows game world

Atari shoots for PSN, XBLA this Spring.

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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Starzzle! Dodo! Pants! Yars! Twist!

Now that there's several years worth of quality download content in the respective archives of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft not to mention the various PC and Mac services it's harder than ever to make a substantial impact.

The more content that piles up week after week, the more price promotions for the back catalogue appear. Indeed, only last week we saw Microsoft temporarily slash 50 per cent off the price of the likes of Limbo, Shadow Complex and Trials HD, while Steam and the PSN scene are routinely awash with tempting offers.

And, just like the boxed market, it's not uncommon for canny souls to hold off buying things until the deals appear. And why not? The simpler nature of downloadable games often makes them immune to feeling tired and dated in the same way as a big-budget epic. It's not like you're going to enjoy Limbo any less now than you would have nine months ago, eh?

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