Yakuza: Dead Souls Videos

Video | Yakuza: Dead Souls launch trailer lurches in

Mob the shops on Friday for your copy.

Video | Yakuza: Dead Souls - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer unearths Sega's zombie adventure.

Video | Fresh Yakuza: Dead Souls gameplay trailer

Zombie-fighting mafia adventure coming March.

Video | Yakuza Dead Souls trailer rears its undead head

Syndicated zombie slaying coming March 2012.

Video | Yakuza: Dead Souls footage

Mafia shooter heads to Europe.

Video | Japanese Yakuza: Of The End trailer

Brains, babes and bonkers dancing.

Video | Yakuza of the End's story revealed

Pesky zombie plague causing trouble.

Video | Yakuza: Of the End gameplay

Zombies! Multiplayer! Golf!

Video | Yakuza: Of The End trailer

Now with added zombies.