XCOM: Enemy Unknown News

XCOM: Enemy Within listings spotted on Korean ratings board

UPDATE: Placeholder Steam achievements for Enemy Unknown suggest this is DLC.

First XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC announced

New Council missions! New playable squad character! New character customisation options!

UK chart: Dishonored denied top spot by FIFA 13

Pokémon, XCOM in top ten, but Fable: The Journey disappoints in 37th.

PC version of XCOM remake draws battlefield grid

Plus, why Interception only lasts 10 seconds. New screenshots inside.

EGX | Borderlands 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown at Rezzed

Borderlands 2 playable for the first time in the UK.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date

UPDATE: Image of pre-order skins revealed.

Firaxis: XCOM is a "very, very big budget game"

Dev responds to dumbed down for console audience concern.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown to appeal to action, RPG and RTS gamers

"Certain stars were aligning," says Firaxis boss Meier.

First XCOM: Enemy Unknown screens, details

Firaxis' game "re-imagines" 1994 original.

Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced

Turn-based strategy game re-imagined by Civilization dev.