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Update 02/08/2018: Now that Prime Day 2018 is over and done, we've got a couple of months before the madness of Black Friday 2018 shows up. That doesn't mean the deals are sparse for the time being though, so we've gathered up all the best deals for right now in this article right here. Don't forget that we'll have our own guides to the best PS4 Black Friday deals, the best Xbox One Black Friday deals, the best Nintendo Black Friday deals, and more, so be sure to bookmark those pages for later. In the meantime, let's have a look at the best Xbox One deals of this week.

Despite everything and not without causing a bit of a scene along the way, Black Friday 2017 eventually ended. As such, the deals were put to bed for another year and we could all breathe a little easier. For better or for worse, however, Black Friday 2018 is on the horizon and once more we shall venture forth into the breach to scout out and report on all the best Xbox One Black Friday deals for 2018. In the run-up to the big day itself, we'll be keeping this page updated with deals as and when they appear. Heck, we'll even be reporting on Cyber Monday 2018 when that shows up as well. Just because we're nice.

Jelly DealsBest Xbox One deals for Cyber Monday 2017

The best Xbox One deals for consoles, games, and more.

Like something out of dubious science fiction, Cyber Monday is here. We're in the middle of it right now in fact, living our best collective lives. The titular discounting event is the follow-up to last week's Black Friday sales madness and seems set to bring with it a brand new set of offers, discounts and bundles from all over the web, giving you one last grasp at a discounted treat. Time is running out, however, and the deals will disappear sooner than you think. Best not to hesitate, really.

FeatureThe big Xbox Gamescom interview

Mike Ybarra on X's launch line-up, the fate of Crackdown and much more.

It's fair to say Microsoft's Gamescom offering left us underwhelmed. For Xbox One X's last big showing before its November launch, we expected announcements and footage to make the console a must-buy. Instead, we got reheated E3 assets and that same old mantra: the most powerful console in the world. Sure, it's accurate, but also accurately followed by 'great, now what are you going to play on it?'

FeatureXbox boss Phil Spencer: the big interview

"Scorpio is designed as a 4K console…"

Microsoft's E3 media briefing was strong, I thought, although its impact was dulled by a pretty spectacular set of leaks that not only revealed the existence of the Xbox One S and Scorpio ahead of time, but the running order of the show.

FeatureMicrosoft on cross-network play, Xbox One dev kits and more

When will we see the announcements put into practice?

It's been a month since Microsoft dropped the bombshell it would support cross-network play between Xbox One and other consoles - including, in theory, PlayStation 4. The past few weeks have also seen the console giant finally make good on its suggestion that all retail Xbox One consoles will be able to be used as developer kits

FeaturePhil Spencer on Xbox's big year

The importance of exclusives, PC, VR and more.

What a difference one man and 18 months can make. Before Phil Spencer took over at Xbox, the brand was in troubled waters. Questionable policy decisions had shook Xbox and mired the early days of its new console in acrimony, and even though Microsoft wisely chose to listen to concerned consumers it's been working hard to regain the momentum lost ever since. As it heads into a vital fourth quarter of 2015, the momentum has definitely returned: the broadening of the Xbox brand to PC was helped by the relatively smooth roll-out of Windows 10, the Xbox division just turned a neat profit and, while it still falls short in sales to Sony's PlayStation 4, its line-up for the remainder of the year looks significantly stronger than its opposition's.