WWE WrestleMania XXI

WWE WrestleMania 21

There's a logo printed on the front of the box saying this game was given "9/10" by some magazine, but we think there's probably been a mix-up at the printers. Perhaps they got it upside-down and actually meant to reward it "01/6" - which would've been a lot closer to the mark for this disappointing return of wrestling to Xbox.

WWE Wrestlemania 21 is indeed an improvement over the abysmal Raw series, but only a minor one. We'd rather play this than Raw, but that's like saying we'd rather get run over by a Ford Ka than a Ford Focus because it's a little bit lighter.

But this isn't a hatchet job! We love the WWE stuff even though it's gone a bit rubbish, and had great hopes for new developer Studio Gigante - the current employer of Mortal Kombat driving force John Tobias - and its reworking of the Wrestlemania franchise. Surely a man like Tobias can do the trick?

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