Worms Open Warfare

Worms Open Warfare

Worms Open Warfare

Stuck in the mud.

So there I am, standing next to one of my little female friends, and my mother turns to her neighbour and remarks, "Aw, don't they make a sweet little couple?" At the time, I was dressed as a rough boy from the mountains and her as a sheep.

It was the school nativity, see, and we were holding hands because we were five. Shortly afterward we had our first argument after she tried to "baaa" while I was telling Mary and Joseph how amazing Jesus was. We were not meant to be together. We just looked like a nice couple.

The Nintendo DS and Worms Open Warfare (let's call it WOW - that'll confuse Google) have a similar problem. The DS offers Worms the chance to be 2D again, using the stylus in place of the mouse in lots of ways that make sense, and using the d-pad and A/B/X/Y buttons instead of the PC keyboard's directional pad, space bar and so on, and so people reckon the two were made for each other.

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