World In Conflict: Complete Edition

World in Conflict: Complete Edition

World in Conflict: Complete Edition

The long-awaited Soviet Assault sneaks into view.

Occasionally I just forget how impressive certain games look. Perhaps it's information overload and I just have to delete the brain-file, but coming back to them I am appalled by what I've been missing. World in Conflict is a case in point. My screenshot-memory pegged it looking okay, but when I went back in last week and started to watch tank battles across the distant sunlit farmlands of North America, I was taken aback. This is a game that that doesn't even seem to be showing off. It's faultlessly, effortlessly beautiful. It was a little like meeting an old flame years later and thinking: "Oh. Damn." Memories revised.

Fortunately, perhaps, former romances don't tend to be relaunched by a new publisher, but that's what's happening with World in Conflict. All this Soviet Assault or "World in Conflict: Complete Edition" jazz is about the game coming out under Ubisoft rather than under original publisher Sierra. Thanks Ubisoft, because you've picked up and produced something that really deserves a second chance. World in Conflict's rebirth is a fine thing.

However, as the game's lead designer Magnus Jensen is keen to point out, this version of the game is more like a director's cut than an expansion pack. This is less of a full-on new campaign and more like The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, where the whole thing has had a going-over, and some new stuff has been dropped in: new multiplayer and single-player maps, with all the old ones tweaked, but no new units.

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