World of Goo


Because We May indie sale next week across all platforms

Loads of games discounted in display of developer control.

Humble Indie Bundle heads to Android

Osmos, World of Goo, Edge, Anomaly up for grabs.

Because We May indie sale next week across all platforms

Loads of games discounted in display of developer control.

Humble Indie Bundle heads to Android

Osmos, World of Goo, Edge, Anomaly up for grabs.

Xbox Live Arcade hasn't peaked - analysts

"But MS should look at Ron Carmel's piece."

XBLA has "peaked" says World of Goo dev

Unaware Microsoft "sat on its laurels".

World of Goo gets iPhone release

59p for first 24 hours.

Is iPad the future for indie developers?

World of Goo iOS smashes Wii/PC sales.

Review | Mobile Games Roundup

Revolution! Robberies! Goo! Dungeons! Lara!

World of Goo dated for iPad

Not long to wait for indie classic.

World of Goo heading to iPad

Plus, 2D Boy talks sequel plans.

World of Goo experiment a "huge success"

Pay what you like adds 57,000 sales.

Pay what you want for World of Goo

Yep, even if that means two pence.

World of Goo announced for iPhone

2D Boy bridges platforms.

World of Goo launches Great Indie Games

New retail label charges 15 quid.

PC fans forcing DRM into extinction

2D Boy, Stardock discuss the mob's power.

GDC: DRM a "waste of time" - 2D Boy

As are publishers for indie games.

EA Sports to learn from World of Goo

Peter Moore quite addicted to indie title.

Independent Games Festival finalists

PixelJunk Eden, Zeno Clash, Maw, more.

Review | World of Goo

Squishing well.

World of Goo now available on WiiWare

Also: Art Style Orbient, Niki, Sudoku.

World of Goo piracy at 90 per cent

Only 1 in 10 buy the acclaimed PC game.

World of Goo Steam release delayed

For Europe in 2009. Demo available.

Secret of Mana for US Virtual Console

And World of Goo for US WiiWare, too.

Review | World of Goo

All your squishes granted.

Nintendo WiiWare Roundup

Final Fantasy, LostWinds, Eating, Pop, World of Goo, Strong Bad.

Feature | Coming Attractions: The Lost Levels

Wii Fit, Home, Rock Band and more.

World of Goo

IGF 2008 Finalists: Exclusive pre-goo.