World of Diving

World of Diving Early Access review

World of Diving Early Access review

Good night and glub luck.

It's probably Lara Croft's fault, but nobody likes the underwater sections in games. Too fiddly to control, too stressful thanks to breath-holding time limits, they represent a maddening cliché that has most players reaching for the save button, if not the off switch.

Yet despite this aquaphobia, there remains a small but devoted sub-genre dedicated to nothing but underwater escapades. It's not the best-populated corner of gaming, but those who are fans of obscure titles such as Treasures of the Deep, Endless Ocean and Everblue tend to be very vocal in their defence of scuba-based action.

Diving games are quietly back in vogue at the moment, and that's almost certainly down to the arrival of Oculus Rift. The very act of putting that headset on and immersing yourself in a digital world maps so perfectly onto the scuba experience that it's no wonder more than one indie studio is developing an underwater game.

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