World of Darkness News

Paradox buys World of Darkness franchise from CCP

Plus Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Layoffs hit Eve Online studio CCP

49 jobs lost, but Eve development "not impacted".

World of Darkness reportedly reached alpha three times

Investigation reveals mismanagement, lack of vision.

Bridging World of Darkness gap "frankly too much" for CCP

But what happens to the White Wolf licence now?

World of Darkness manual and screenshots leaked

Eve Online maker's vampire MMO had permadeath and much more.

CCP re-evaluates World of Darkness, sheds more staff

Eve maker "remains committed to the franchise".

World of Darkness MMO in "active development"

CCP issues open letter to fans.

Fresh World of Darkness details revealed

Blood as currency, permadeath confirmed.

World of Darkness still being developed by CCP

60 full-time staff working on White Wolf world.

Big shake-up at Eve Online dev CCP

World of Darkness worst hit.

Eve Online dev building next-gen tech

CCP Newcastle hard at work.

World of Darkness to feature permadeath

More details on CCP's latest emerge.

CCP: Greed is Good?

Internal doc debates micro-transactions.

World of Darkness is "dark and sexy"

Vampire MMO is playable, says EVE dev.

World of Darkness MMO reveal soon?

"Something really big" at September con.

CCP to make announcement in August

World of Darkness? EVE: Walking in Stations?

World of Darkness MMO in "4-5 years"

EVE maker gradually going vamp.