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FeatureShining a light on CCP's World of Darkness

The waiting sucks, its first gameplay footage doesn't.

Vampires are no strangers to keeping secrets, but they're rank amateurs compared to how well the World of Darkness team has kept a lid on what they're working on for the last few years. Today though, that changes - at least a little. It starts on a rooftop, in a city of night and rain. A girl is on the prowl, her slinky outfit as much as her fangs hinting at what's coming next for the poor guy standing a few steps away. She approaches. They caress. She slams his head hard against the brickwork and drains him dry as casually as throwing back a beer, before equally casually leaping twice her height up a vertical wall and slipping unseen into a more social world of cool parties and gothic chic at a rooftop bar.