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Legendary and maybe part-machine programmer John Carmack will receive this year's BAFTA Fellowship award, joining the likes of Gabe Newell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright and many others. He'll receive the award at the BAFTA Games Awards 7th April in London - an event happening alongside EGX Rezzed.

Swastika prompts German Wolf recall

Activision taking no chances.

Activision has recalled Wolfenstein in Germany, reportedly because you can faintly see a swastika on a poster, which is a big no-no in the country.

UK charts: Wii Sports Resort on top

Wolfenstein resurrection out-ranked.

Wii Sports Resort edges past newcomer Wolfenstein to top the UK All-Formats chart for the week ending 22nd August. There are only 2000 sales between them, though.

Wolfenstein MP team axed on release day

Endrant Studios cut back.

On the same day that Activision releases its latest title in the Wolfenstein franchise, our sister site GamesIndustry.biz can confirm that a number of the team responsible for the multiplayer portion of the game have been laid off.

Wolfenstein delayed slightly

For "simultaneous global release".

Raven's upcoming first-person shooter Wolfenstein has been delayed until the week beginning 17th August in the US.

New Wolfenstein title gets release date

New Wolfenstein title gets release date

It's coming to PC and consoles in August.

Activision has revealed the new instalment in the Wolfenstein series is coming this summer.

According to a press release promoting the publisher's E3 line-up, Wolfenstein will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 4th August.

It's not clear whether that date applies worldwide, but seeing as 4th August is a Tuesday and games are usually released on Friday in the UK, it could be US-only. We shouldn't have too much longer to wait though.

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No Hitler in new Wolfenstein

"We can't do him in yet!"

Id Software and Raven may be returning to Wolfenstein to blow up a legion of new Nazis on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but Adolf Hitler won't be among them.

Avary writing Wolf movie "right now"

Hollenshead: Writer's strike held it up.

The Wolfenstein movie is still in development and Roger Avary is "working on the script right now" according to id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead.

First Wolfenstein details emerge

First Wolfenstein details emerge

"The ultimate supernatural thriller."

Activision has finally revealed new information on the long-awaited Wolfenstein game.

Previously known as Castle Wolfenstein, the latest nuggets of info bill the Raven-developed game as "the ultimate supernatural thriller".

Wolfenstein will once again be set in a fictional reinterpretation of World War II, where you control OSA agent BJ Blazkowicz. He is sent hurtling into the unknown where he will biff Nazis, "otherworldly forces" and dark science on the nose.

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Wolfenstein and Quake Live at E3?

If not, QuakeCon's later this month.

The long-awaited new PC/Xbox 360 Castle Wolfenstein game could be pitching up at E3 next week, judging by a teaser press release put out by GameTrailers TV.

Id Software creating new game

Carmack building fancy engine.

Id Software's Todd Hollenshead has revealed that the Quake and Doom creator is working on a new gaming franchise, powered by a brand new engine from developer John Carmack, GamesIndustry.biz is reporting.

No Castle Wolfenstein in '07

id Software fills us in.

id boss Todd Hollenshead has given us an update on the progress of the new Castle Wolfenstein title - but don't hold your breath, as its release is definitely "not this year".

Castle Wolfenstein for PC too

But 360 leads the way.

As we speculated on the night of X05 (us being clever-boots and all), id and Raven Software's new Castle Wolfenstein title will lead on Xbox 360 but is definitely also coming to PC.

New Wolfenstein leads on X360

X05: Carmack praises platform.

id Software and Raven are collaborating on a new title based on the Wolfenstein World War II franchise, which will lead on Xbox 360, we've just heard from Amsterdam, where the X05 press conference has now finished. For now the game's called Castle Wolfenstein.