Wolfenstein News

Brutal Legend demo now on Live

Wolfenstein sampler there too.

Swastika prompts German Wolf recall

Activision taking no chances.

UK charts: Wii Sports Resort on top

Wolfenstein resurrection out-ranked.

Your money back if Wolf bests Madden

Raven man makes Twitter pledge.

Wolfenstein multiplayer modes detailed

Supernatural powers, persistent upgrades.

Wolfenstein delayed slightly

For "simultaneous global release".

New Wolfenstein title gets release date

It's coming to PC and consoles in August.

New Wolfenstein coming this summer

Plus: next Bond game delayed till 2010.

No Hitler in new Wolfenstein

"We can't do him in yet!"

Avary writing Wolf movie "right now"

Hollenshead: Writer's strike held it up.

First Wolfenstein details emerge

"The ultimate supernatural thriller."

Wolfenstein and Quake Live at E3?

If not, QuakeCon's later this month.

Avary talks Wolfenstein film

Toned down for big-screen.

Wolfenstein movie coming

Roger Avary to direct.

Id Software creating new game

Carmack building fancy engine.

No Castle Wolfenstein in '07

id Software fills us in.

Castle Wolfenstein for PC too

But 360 leads the way.

New Wolfenstein leads on X360

X05: Carmack praises platform.