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Minigames are interesting things. They're purpose built to distract the player - to give them something different to do for ten minutes in order to break up the flow of the main game. In a sense, they're tacit admissions of the fact that sometimes games - especially long ones - can get a bit monotonous.

VideoWatch: Seven games made better by DLC

It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

It's been a good week for people who enjoy half-cloaks and complicated bits of machinery, all things told. Star Wars Battlefront's new DLC let's you play as cape-sporting cloud man Lando Calrissian, whereas Fallout 4's Contraptions workshop DLC lets you tinker with all sorts of, well, contraptions.

VideoWatch: The first 30 minutes of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Alarming sex scene and charming easter egg also available.

I really enjoyed The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine; so much so, in fact, I gave it a gold sticker. I think it's a brilliant romp from the very start, but thankfully you don't have to take my word for it - I went back and captured the first half hour of Blood and Wine to give you a taste for the lovely region of Toussaint. Spoiler warning for the first half hour of Blood and Wine, obviously.

VideoThe games of 2015 we (shamefully) missed

In this week's Eurogamer show.

With 2015 rapidly drawing to a close (seriously, where has this year gone?), we at Eurogamer are faced with the difficult task of picking a game of the year. And as Chris and I discovered, there's nothing quite like combing through the year's releases to make you realise how many games you haven't played.

Video: How much harder is The Witcher 3 NG+? Here's some gameplay and impressions

New Game Plus has just come to The Witcher 3, allowing players to start their adventures as Geralt of Rivia all over again while maintaining their current character level. Considering the game itself offers 200 hours of game time for a single play through (assuming you've got the time), it's a fairly daunting undertaking.

Nonetheless, having put the main story to bed, I decided to jump in to NG+ and see how different the gameplay experience is with the new mode enabled. Turns out it's quite a bit trickier. Have a look at the video below, in which I discuss the XP system and gear leveling before failing spectacularly to bring down the Griffin of White Orchard.

If you haven't finished The Witcher 3 yet, fear not - this video is guaranteed spoiler free.

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VideoVideo: Can The Witcher 3 get side quests right?

An open world needn't be a boring world.

With Bertie and myself both having played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at a recent preview, we thought it might be fun to sit down and share our (surprisingly different) stories of adventure and optional side quests. Join us as we discuss the level of detail on display outside of the main storyline itself and whether CD Projekt RED will need to sacrifice detail just to fill their gigantic world.

Hunting down fresh details on The Witcher 3

VideoHunting down fresh details on The Witcher 3

Ian chats to CD Projekt about the hot next-gen RPG.

"They're rock stars and they know it. They don't come to us. We go to them," I wrote about CD Projekt after seeing their stunning press demo of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at E3 earlier this year. The Polish developer is justifiably confident in its massive, open-world RPG for PC and next-gen consoles - so much so, in fact, that it took the exact same demo to Gamescom in Germany last month.

That was a bit of a disappointment, and we still can't show you the game in action beyond its trailer. All the same, Ian took the time to see the demo and was suitably wowed. Afterwards, he sat down (or, more likely, stood sweating in a cramped corner) with writer Jakub Szamalek for an interview, which you can watch below.

Although CD Projekt didn't bring anything new to Gamescom and are still being coy about showing the game to the public, they've actually revealed quite a lot about this hugely promising RPG, so there's plenty for Ian and Jakub to dig into. In particular, there's some tasty stuff here on the game's monster hunting aspect, which is what has me most excited about Wild Hunt. Enjoy!

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