WipEout Pulse News

Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

Sony will try to relocate those affected to other studios, "but unfortunately some redundancies will be necessary".

UPDATE 3: Sony Liverpool has bid a tearful farewell to WipEout, the sci-fi racing series that defined a generation and helped PlayStation achieve its wonderful mainstream success.

WipEout Pulse may be heading to PS2

Sony says decisions are based on demand.

PSP title WipEout Pulse has been in development for PlayStation 2 for some time, Eurogamer has been told by a source close to Sony, but a statement from the publisher this week suggests it may no longer appear.

New WipEout PSP pack on PC Store

Sod-all else in this week's PSN update.

It's all aboard the shame train at Sony HQ as this week's PSN Store update is almost entirely devoid of interesting new goodies. Choo-choo.

PSN: Sky Diving PS3, WipEout PSP tracks

Plus MotorStorm/Folklore DLC.

Sky Diving is the GBP 3.49 downloadable game star of this week's PlayStation Store update on PS3, while PSP owners can download the WipEout Pulse Mirage Pack if they fork out GBP 3.49 on the PSP Store for PC.

WipEout Pulse demo today

Sony jumps around excitedly.

Later on today PSP owners in Europe will be able to download a playable demo of WipEout Pulse from the PSP Store for the PC.

WipEout returns to PSP

Pulsing with new features.

Sony has announced that a new WipEout game for PSP will be released this September, courtesy of our old pals Studio Liverpool.