WipEout HD: Fury News

Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

Sony will try to relocate those affected to other studios, "but unfortunately some redundancies will be necessary".

Next generation's big challenge will be connectivity says WipEout creators

Plus! Will 2048's tracks make their way to the PS3?

Sony details "one price" Vita/PS3 cross-play content

MotorStorm! Hustle Kings! WipEout! UMVC3!

Sony extends PSN Welcome Back offer

Have you downloaded your freebies yet?

Sony defends free PSN games offer

"Hard to offer something for everyone."

Sony hiring for a "futuristic racer"

Whatever could it be?

WipEout HD Blu-ray bundle official

Get the game plus expansion for 20 quid.

Sony removes naughty WipEout advert

In-game ads shouldn't increase load time.

PS3 WipEout HD ads causing problems?

Load times seen doubling before races.

WipEout, Killzone packs top PSN bill

Plus: Shatter and Crystal Defenders.

E3: WipEout HD gets Fury expansion

Tracks, ships, modes, re-styled UI.