Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey

Wings of Prey

Heir worthy.

Smoke-wreathed Sicilian vineyards are my sky, Prussian-blue firmament studded with black flak flowers is my ground. I'm upside down, hurtling along at 300mph, and there's a big juicy Messerschmitt sliding helplessly into the crucible of my gun sight. Ask me what I think of Wings of Prey at this precise moment, and I'll tell you it's the best WWII flight sim ever made.

The game's tragedy is that it's only the best WWII flight sim ever made some of the time. With the help of IL-2 Sturmovik's flight and aircraft models, Gaijin has reproduced the look, sound and feel of 1939-45 era dogfights astonishingly well. What the developers haven't managed to do is make those dogfights feel meaningful.

Yes, this is the latest in a long line of high-fidelity airware to ship with a teaspoon-shallow campaign system. Linear mission sequences might cut it in a genre like FPS, but in a plot-less flight title, they're a recipe for frustration and shortevity (and if that's not in the dictionary, it bally-well should be).

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