Wii U News

There's a new system update for... Wii U

Two and a half years after the last.

The final Wii U will roll off Nintendo's production line this week

UPDATE: Nintendo confirms Wii U production end.

NES mini won't connect online, won't get more games

"Nothing to announce" on SNES mini.

Nintendo announces palm-sized mini NES console

Launches November with 30 games built in.

Nintendo eShop half-price sale for fifth anniversary

Zelda! PokÚdex! Metroid Prime Trilogy!

Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for Thursday

Twilight Princess HD announcement please.

Nintendo Direct broadcasts will continue

But return date and presenter still uncertain.

Nintendo names new company president

It's Tatsumi Kimishima, the current head of human resources.

Mario returns to McDonald's Happy Meals in UK next week

Plus: 750 Stars if you link your NNID and Stars accounts.

Tributes pour in for Nintendo's Satoru Iwata

Contemporaries and competitors unite.

Miiverse getting redesign this summer

Screenshot albums! Journals! Communities!

See what Mario looks like in Unreal Engine 4

Watch now before Nintendo pulls it down the warp pipe.

Nintendo dates E3 Digital Event

World Championships return after 25 years.

Nintendo "optimistic" on ending region locks, starting with NX

But no change for 3DS and Wii U, Iwata suggests.

Nintendo to launch five smartphone games by March 2017

Amiibo shipments reach 10.5m worldwide.

Nintendo records first annual profit in four years

Wii U lifetime sales crawl to 9.5m.

Nintendo to release games on phones and tablets

UPDATE: What does this mean for the company's future? Watch Chris B, Tom and Wes discuss.

Nintendo NX is "new hardware with a brand new concept"

It's a "dedicated game system". More next year.

New Nintendo 3DS sold 335k during EU/US launch week

5.7m Amiibo shipped, most popular figures revealed.

Nintendo cancels TVii service launch in Europe

"We did not anticipate such challenges."

Nintendo to launch Mii character app for social media

Iwata believes Wii U business "still has considerable room for growth".

Wii U system update lets you transfer data between consoles

Wii Remote and controller support added to eShop.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unable to attend AGM

He's recovering from major surgery.

UK court rules against Nintendo in Wii patent battle

UPDATE: Nintendo "committed" to ensuring Wii, Wii U aren't pulled from shop shelves.

Nintendo Europe closing Gro▀ostheim headquarters, 130 jobs lost

Business to be run out of Frankfurt office instead.

Wii U firmware update now live, adds Quick Start option

Plus GamePad notifications even when your console's on standby.

Nintendo won't launch Wii U successor until it has "satisfied" current owners

But already has "clear idea" what direction new hardware will take.

Nintendo slumps to another annual loss after dismal Wii U sales

NFC games and DS Virtual Console to help "challenging sales situation".

Iwata: Nintendo must harness smart devices, no restrictions for dev team

"Even not ruling out the possibility of making games."

Nintendo boss Iwata halves pay, Miyamoto's wage cut too

Latest Wii U and 3DS shipment figures announced.

Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

UPDATE: Iwata apologises, will stay in office to see company return to profit.

Nintendo sorry Wii U still lacks TVii feature in Europe

"Please continue to keep an eye out."

China lifts ban on foreign console sales

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony rub hands in glee.

Nintendo loses WiiU.com domain dispute

UPDATE: "We are continuing to review our legal options," Nintendo says.

Wii U spring system update now live

Coming down the warp pipe today.

Nintendo launches web-based Miiverse for PC and smartphones

UPDATE: New features include ability to add posts via PC, view all posts without login.

Nintendo blocking 18+ rated Wii U eShop content at certain times

"The times during which this content can be viewed have been restricted."

Wii U day-one firmware update to come with consoles next spring

Mandatory system download to be included after Christmas.

Will Nintendo meet its Wii U sales target?

It's vowed to ship 5.5m units by April 2013, but will it sell them? Eurogamer investigates.

Nintendo not interested in emulating Xbox Live, Iwata says

Company boss "very sorry" for day-one firmware update.

Defending the Wii U specs, Reggie's stark message to Sony and Microsoft

Gamers won't be motivated by "faster processors and pretty pictures".

Reggie: third-party games “look dramatically better” on Wii U

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell “baffled” by the console.

Wii U profitable with just one game sale, Nintendo reveals

Suggests loss per console little more than a tenner.

Wii U user able to access "mock-up menu" with unannounced games

Nintendo responds as users sees mention of Yoshi's Land Wii U, Soul Hackers games.

Nintendo Network ID confined to single Wii U console

No transferring to a replacement, or signing in elsewhere.

Basic 8GB Wii U has just 3GB space after system installs

You won't be able to download 3.2GB Nintendo Land.

Ubisoft boss criticises Wii U price: "I can't say I'm happy"

But how does it compare to other hardware launches?

Wii U allows 12 user accounts per system, eShop downloads playable by all

UPDATE: Nintendo confirms Nintendo Network ID replaces Friend Codes for Wii U.

Nintendo admits Wii U to be sold at loss

Despite earlier hints at the opposite and damage from similar 3DS policy.

3DS and DS sales roughly equal after same time period

Latest Nintendo numbers show Wii sales drying up.

Nintendo's first Wii U advert makes sure you know it's a new console

"A brand new console with a brand new controller."

Nintendo investigating Wii U manufacturer Foxconn for using illegal child labour

Chinese factory admits employing "interns" as young as 14.

Nintendo boss talks Wii U GamePad range

Can you play on the toilet? It depends on your house.

Nintendo UK confirms the Wii U will be region locked

Imparted: important importing news.

Sony: Wii U tech "something Vita and PS3 can do quite easily"

"Almost all" Vita owners have PS3, anyway.

Nintendo licenses Unity engine for Wii U, both in-house and out

Updated with interview excerpts from Unity CEO David Helgason.

Wii U price round-up: where's cheapest?

Basic, Premium and ZombiU bundles all listed.

EGX | Nintendo taking Wii U on post-Eurogamer Expo UK tour

Mario and Luigi set to make an appearance.

EGX | Wii U playable for the first time in the UK at Eurogamer Expo

Over two months ahead of 30th November release.

Every Wii U UK launch game listed

Just seven retail titles confirmed for launch day.

Nintendo details Wii U Basic and Premium flavours, prices

Coming 8th December in Japan for the equivalent of ú209 or ú251.

Nintendo promises "reasonable" Wii U price

"We won't make the same mistake we did with the 3DS."

David Yarnton quits Nintendo

"To pursue opportunities for a change of career outside Nintendo."

Nintendo hits back at Wii U power concern

"Look at the very first GameCube games, and compare them to Resident Evil 4."

Sony: Wii U is "its own generation"

As PlayStation 4 and next Xbox edge closer.

Nintendo almost dropped tablet screen in Wii U GamePad

Iwata unfazed by impending next-gen consoles.

ShopTo estimates Wii U price at ú280

Nintendo reckons fans will be "pleasantly surprised" by its value.

Bethesda still intends for Rage to be a big franchise

But remains quiet on Doom 4, Prey 2 and Wii U.

Microsoft, Molyneux question Wii U GamePad

"How much can you look up and down between the screens?"

Wii U GamePad battery life detailed

3 to 5 hours life, 2.5 hours to charge.

Nintendo Wii U supports 1080p, CPU and GPU confirmed

Tech specs sheet reveals video output.

Wii U to support two GamePads

Frame-rate halved when two pads are in use, Nintendo reports.

Wii U Darksiders 2 graphics "at least as good" as PS3, Xbox 360 versions'

Having inventory, map on the controller "will change people's perceptions".

Wii U controller image shows new thumb sticks

Official reveal set for next month.

Nintendo announces Wii U developer tech

Wii U games to leverage core game tools.

Nintendo Network for Wii U and 3DS revealed

Nintendo's answer to PSN and XBL.

More Wii U details before E3, Nintendo hints

But a muted showing this week at CES.

Miyamoto mulls Retro Studios Zelda "collaboration"

US Metroid Prime developer suitable for next Zelda?

Nintendo: Zelda series keeping motion controls

Skyward Sword waggling "will be used" in next Zelda.

Wii U to support two tablet controllers - report

Nintendo upgrading hardware from E3 design.

Nintendo patents Wii Remote touch pad

But is it for Wii or Wii U?