Wii U Features

FeatureHow Powerful is the Wii U Really?

And why, for many developers, it doesn't matter.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #116: Wii U hands-on impressions

Martin and TomP report back to TomB with their views on the best - and worst - of Nintendo's new console.

FeatureE3 Reaction: Nintendo Blows Its E3 Conference Opportunity

The Wii U looks great, but it was a bad press conference.

FeatureE3 Reaction: Nintendo Direct Presentation Resets Expectations

What Satoru Iwata's YouTube reveal tells us about Nintendo's E3 strategy, Wii U's technical capabilities and lessons learned about online.

PodcastEurogamer.net Podcast #114: E3 Crystal Ball Special!

Everyone we employ called Tom discusses what Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and others will get up to at E3 next week.

FeatureActual New Games of 2012

Wonder and joy, please.