The Whispered World

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The Whispered World sequel Silence is out now on PS4 and PC

Daedalic Entertainment's gorgeous point-and-click adventure Silence, the sequel to The Whispered World, is out now for PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG.

An Xbox One release will follow this Friday, 18th November.

The fantasy tale follows the exploits of siblings Noah and Renie as they find themselves whisked away to an eerie magical realm called Silence. The game features three playable characters as our heroes try to ward off an invasion of cool-looking monsters.

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Drops the Good Old Games meaning.

What began as Good Old Games,, has relaunched to sell new PC games alongside old.

Therefore, the Good Old Games meaning will fade away. The company will be known instead by the acronym-turned-company-title "It doesn't matter what G, O and G stand for," explained a post on "Gee Oh Gee dot com stands for high-quality, DRM-free gaming, each week with bigger and newer games."

Trine and The Whispered World are examples of 'new' games available right now. Legend of Grimrock is out 11th April. Spacechem, Machinarium and Darwinia are "coming soon". Apparently, more than 20 indie and new games have been signed for release in "the next few months".

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The Whispered World

There's a sensation familiar to anyone who knows adventure gaming well. It's that moment when you've cracked a puzzle, and the game opens up. Suddenly there are two or three new locations to explore, new objects to find, and new puzzles to solve. Those mysterious inventory items make more sense in this new context, and previous unsolved puzzles receive that vital clue.

They're fantastic moments, stepping out of dark rooms into bright light. It's probably the very hardest thing to get right in an adventure game. The Whispered World demonstrates one of the more frustrating ways to get it wrong.

Absolutely beautiful, this German adventure's world is a remarkable one. Not only is it so exquisitely painted and drawn, but it's bursting with imaginative flourishes. There are moments throughout that capture the same magic as a Studio Ghibli film. Vast, surprising creatures, strange, amorphic pets, and a maniac nature.

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Deep Silver unveils Whispered World

Deep Silver unveils Whispered World

Pretty hand-painted adventure for PC.

Deep Silver and Daedelic Entertainment have unveiled a pretty PC adventure game called The Whispered World.

Most of Europe will receive the game later this year, whereas German-speaking regions will be able to play by late May.

The Whispered World, inspired by animated films like Spirited Away (which is brilliant), presents a hand-painted world inhabited by a sad young clown called Sadwick, who embarks on a fairytale adventure after chatting to a strange blue creature in his dream.

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